Subpoena Servicing

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Subpoenas are the notices used to alert people that they have been summoned to court to partake in a legal matter. Subpoenas ensure all vital evidence and testimony is properly filed and delivered to the court as part of the due process for legal proceedings, and so accuracy in their filing and delivery is a vital part of legal proceedings.

As subpoenas initiate the process of legal proceedings, they are one of the most important elements of any legal situation. Ensuring they are correctly filed and make it into the right hands in a timely manner is of crucial importance, and is something our team at United Investigation Services is trained to handle with professionalism and efficiency.


As an essential part of court processes, subpoena servicing needs to be handled with a professional level of skill and attention. At U.I.S., we pride ourselves on our capability to handle the gravity of this important responsibility. Entrusting this duty to our team means your needs will be met with the upmost professionalism and efficiency.

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