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Why hire a private investigator?

An investigator can provide surveillance, conduct interviews, take witness statements, and work with any attorney to support your litigation if needed.

What are the benefits of hiring a private investigator?

You can learn more about the benefits of hiring a private investigator by visiting our benefits page here.

What fields of investigation do you specialize in?

What are the costs for a consultation?

United Investigation Services offers a free 30-minute consultation with an investigator prior to collecting any fees.

How do we get started?

The investigation process begins with you speaking with one of our private investigators to better understand your situation and needs. This will help us create an investigative plan that is tailored to your case.

Is it discrete?

Yes. Information we gather during an investigation is kept strictly confidential. The police are not even allowed to retrieve any of our clients’ confidential reports and evidence, or any of your personal information. However, you can give your consent for us to release details to the authorities or testify in court if you wish.

Will I be updated during the investigation?

Yes. Every investigation is different, but you will be updated promptly with any significant findings or changes, and at the specified time agreed upon during your initial consultation.

How do private investigators charge?

In the majority of cases, private investigators will charge an hourly rate. Hourly rates can vary. Nearly all investigators will ask for a retainer fee before taking a case. It is unlikely you will find an investigator willing to do just one or two hours of investigative work. While our agency has reasonable rates, we will always endeavor to work within your budget to get you the results you need. Your initial consultation is free and beginning at this point, all of your case details will remain confidential. We are always happy to answer questions and talk through your best options with no obligation.

Are private investigators legal?

Yes, private investigators are legally allowed to conduct investigatory services when hired by an individual or other entity. Typically, private investigators are utilized for their surveillance expertise and hired by corporations and insurance companies to investigate fraud.

How do private investigators get information?

Private investigators get their information from a wide number of sources, including investigative databases, court records, human intelligence, surveillance, confidential sources, and social networks.

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