The Benefits of Private Investigation

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A private investigator, often abbreviated to “PI,” and also known as a “private eye,” “private detective,” or “inquiry agent,” is hired by individuals to undertake investigatory services. It is the responsibility of a private investigator to determine a complete scope of knowledge around a scenario in order to provide a detailed understanding of its relevant particulars.

Private investigators apply specific academic and practical experience to tasks in surveillance and investigation to uncover an exhaustive survey of suspicious narratives, which provides their clients an empowered posture by advantage of an enlightened perspective.


The limitations of personal perspective can greatly inhibit power over circumstance by preventing access to a totally informed opinion. Without certainty of having the complete truth, it is easy to become a victim of the situation.

Hiring a private investigator ensures you are empowered with complete knowledge of your circumstances. Our expertise in surveillance and reconnaissance enables us with the capability to provide a complete picture, certifying defense of knowledge.


United Investigation Services is committed to supplying every client with the most complete and diligent investigation of the unique circumstances dictating their situations. Our knowledge and experience enables us to create for our clients an information suite enabling them to protect themselves by way of an informed posture.

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